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Breana Hart

Breana is here to assist you in feeling confident and comfortable in your skin, on your terms. Although she offers a wide range of treatments, she is best known for laser hair removal, vein treatments, laser facials, micro needling, chemical peels and derma planing.  She believes that radiant skin is possible for everyone and would love to meet you for a complimentary consultation so you can make a treatment plan together!

"Be happy with being you. Love your flaws. Own your quirks. And know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are." - Ariana Grande

Naomi Keane

Naomi is so excited to be part of our amazing and talented O team. You may know her from her heart pumping fitness classes and soul touching yoga classes. Her passion for fitness began over 18 years ago and she has never stopped valuing doing what you love and what makes you feel the happiest! Today she believes in a well rounded approach that works from both the inside out, and the outside in. In Naomi’s words “we must do what we love, we must do what is good for us, and we must create space for the joy to happen. There is no better feeling than being healthy, feeling full of energy, and loving what you see in the mirror!” Having suffered terribly with adult acne and stubborn hyperpigmentation, Naomi knows exactly what it feels like to live with temperamental skin. These skin conditions have inspired her to develop her treatment skills which have blossomed into a passion for layering multiple services for optimal results. As our clinic owner and one of our lead estheticians, Naomi has an enthusiasm for treating skin using vigilance and multiple modalities. She is excited to work with you and support you in creating a custom treatment plan to achieve the skin you have always dreamed of. 

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Kristyn Kellar

Kristyn is eager to help you find the perfect treatment plan for you! She has been in the beauty industry as a makeup artist for the past 7 years and has always focused on helping her clients feel their most confident and beautiful, inside and out. Now that she is part of the O Esthetics team she’s so excited  to help target any concerns about you skin or hair, at the source, so you can feel flawless no matter what. Kristyn provides all of our treatments but is known for her laser hair removal, laser genesis, chemical peels, dermaplaning and hydrafacials. She can’t wait to meet you and help you get to the skin of your dreams!


“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you can’t put your heart in it, take yourself out of it” -Unknown

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Parker Brown

Hello, my name is Parker. I have been in the Esthetic industry for 2 years and thoroughly enjoy it. Everyday is different and I’m always learning something new. Knowing I have made a small difference in my clients day-to-day is my passion. Hopefully we get the chance to meet and help you with your lash goals! 

Kristen Eisner

Kristen is a compassionate nurse with a keen eye for detail that could not be more excited to be a part of the O team!  With an ongoing passion for health, science and service to others, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Nursing in 2020. Currently working within the Cardiac Surgical unit, she has found success and fulfilment in her career through combining her technical and critical-thinking skills of nursing with her ability to create trusting, therapeutic relationships.


Joining the O team has allowed her to combine all her passions and skills, and she hopes she can bring this energy and professionalism to the world of aesthetic medicine. She is dedicated to blend the art of aesthetics with the science of nursing and health to help others feel confident in their own skin. Kristen’s goal is to use a holistic approach to make sure you feel better on the inside and out through natural, honest, safe and personalized care.


Book in for a complimentary consult, Kristen is currently specializing in Neuromodulators, dermal fillers and Vitamin therapy.

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Tara Michaluk

Meet Nurse Tara

For over 12 years, Tara has been practicing as a Licensed Nurse. 10 of those years in Aesthetic nursing. 

Tara has specialized training in phlebotomy, PRP, Botox, Sclerotherapy, Micro needling, chemical peels , IPL, Morpheus, women’s wellness (Plus 90), and all things SKIN. 

While nurturing clients , Tara is result driven. With a medical background and extensive knowledge in skin science, Tara will get you to your ultimate skin health goals. 

Healthy lifestyle and fitness is a daily routine for Tara. This keeps her energized for her 2 young hockey fanatic boys.  

Tara’s upbeat personality is infectious. Her confidence in aesthetic nursing  will ensure your results are optimal, honest and professional. 

Pop in to meet Tara , or book a complimentary consultation to discuss your skin care GOALS. 

Tara’s favourite Products-

Retinol + Ultimage+ Versitle tint SPF

Tara’s favourite treatments -

Botox + Morpheus 8 paired with PRP + Women’s Wellness rejuvenation 

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Rachel Ferguson

Hi! I am Rachel the face behind hēliNG cove.   

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of alternative medicine and assisting you through this journey.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a powerful medicine and to be able to share this with you is important to me.  Prior to completing the 4-year TCMD program in Calgary, I studied Holistic Nutrition in Halifax, NS. 

In clinical practice I have a passion for women's health, menstrual regulation, fertility, and stress management.  Working together to get down to the root cause is so important and when we understand the WHY of our concerns, there is a powerful shift in our health journey.

Outside of the clinic you can find me either teaching or participating in a yoga class, hanging out with my two little rescue kitties, or simply just slowing down and enjoying time with my family.


Melissa Barry

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Melissa Barry is our Nurse Practitioner injector/Medical Director. She has over 10 years of nursing experience in a variety of acute care surgical settings. Her drive for further education and a passion for providing holistic preventative care led her to obtain a Masters of Nursing degree through the University of Calgary in 2020. She is a highly skilled board certified Nurse Practitioner injector through the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine fully trained in the administration of Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers. She prides herself on creating open and honest relationships to provide you with subtle results that accentuate your natural beauty.  

O esthetics was conceptualized around a warm and welcoming luxury experience designed to embrace and enhance your skin. 


Our educated, certified technicians use their diverse backgrounds and a variety of implements to deliver esthetic treatments with profound results. We shine brightest when we are given the opportunity to create and deliver a custom treatment plan for each of our clients — the before and after photos we offer tell beautiful stories of esthetics success. We thrive on being a part of this journey.


State-of-the-art technology. Exceptional service. Remarkable results.

Revealing Great Skin and Confidence through optimizing

The O Method


Your complimentary consultation awaits, we look forward to meeting you and exploring your path with us.


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